dove /oil on canvas                  sold
without title / oil on canvas, 100/100cm    sold

Something You promised /oil on canvas, 100/120cm   available

God's fluff / oil on canvas, 50/60 cm   available
    merry-go-round / oil on canvas,50/ 40 cm  
for Ance / oil on canvas                                  sold
  without title,  oil on canvas, 20/20cm       sold  
               for Judīte / oil on canvas                       sold                  
for Japan / oil on canvas                               sold
Norway /oil on canvas                                 sold
birds/ mixed technique                                   sold
    wise geese 1 /oil on canvas,  30/60cm    

wise geese 2 /oil on canvas , 30/60cm
dream team for Tim / oil on canvas                    sold
wacher / oil on canvas, 30/30 cm           sold
birds / oil on canvas                                                       sold 
                                   estonian on the table / oil on canavas, 90X130cm available
starwberries in snow. transgender portrait / oil on canvas
(part of the Master's work)                          available
strawberries in snow. self / oil on canvas
       (part of Master's work ) 120/160cm   available
after eating ice cream / oil on canvas
galina / oil on canvas, 89X116cm
Freinacht / oil on canvas                        available 
cage / oil on canvas                                available
clouds swim / oil on canvas                     available
birds counter / oil on canvas, 60X80 cm  sold
swimmer / oil on canvas                            available
bride / oil on canvas                                  sold
crooked wheel /oil on canvas                     available